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Rich Kohler

Children learn best when they are interested and stimulated by the curriculum. The Journey of the Steal-Proof Master program utilizes the attraction to fantasy adventure by children as a means to introduce frightening yet valuable and necessary material.

Using fantasy evil warriors, children are taught ten of the most common lures used by child predators. The Steal-Proof Master program stresses a teaching environment that promotes education through the visual, auditory, and physical senses of the child. The child learns that their brain is their best weapon.


Additional Tips Against Attempted Abductions


In a store children need to create attention:


Scream and shout “I don’t know you, KIDNAPPER!”

Run, escape

Knock things off shelves


In a parking lot:


Run between cars

Pull doors and bump cars to set off alarms


Getting lost:


When out shopping or at a sports event, etc., predetermine a meeting place.

A child must know personal information (phone numbers, 911, address, parents’ names)

Go to the store cashier or a mother with children.


A child must know to do everything possible to keep from getting in a car with a child predator. (Scream, bite, punch, kick, etc.) Although Eldred really wanted Grimbold and Silver to recognize danger and to use their intuition to keep safe, he knew that they shouldalso train in physical self defense, just in case.


Adventures in Safety elevated “The Journey of the Steal-Proof Master” Program to the next level, a full-fedged, forty-minute film, complete with costumes, action and special effects.


In the film, we are transported to the Land of Mazak, where we are introduced to Richy, Grimbold and Silver. We immediately relate best to Richy and from here on out, we follow the journey through his eyes…


Grimbold and Silver take Richy and “us”, to meet Eldred, the Wizard of Mazak. Grimbold and Silver are Eldred’s apprentices; both are already “Steal-Proof Masters”. Now it’s Richy’s turn to become a “Steal-Proof Master”.


Following Richy on the fantasy adventure, we encounter the “Ten Evil Warriors.” We realize that each of the “Evil Warriors” represents a common abduction lure or inaapropriate action used today by child predators. Each “Evil Warrior” reveals its “True Form”. They are gross, evil, grotesque, etc., but we learn that they can look as normal as you and I.


We watch as Richy begins to recognize dangerous situations and how he responds. We watch as his amulet, which is hung around his neck, warns him of danger. The amulet signifies his intuition and makes the viewers aware that they too have an inner amulet that alerts them of dangerous situations. When we start to have that funny feeling, our amulet glows and that is telling us to get away. We learn that being aware and listening to our own intuition will keep us safe and “Steal-Proof”.


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The Steal-Proof Master Presentation Kit includes:

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Role-Playing Guide Book

Marketing Ideas

Sample Amulet, Sample ID Kit, Sample Brochure (All available from Adventures in Safety)

Sample Certificate (for duplication)

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