Rich Kohler is a dynamic and entertaining speaker and presenter who has created and presented award-winning child safety programs world-wide since 1997.

At sixteen years old, a determined, street educated, but shy Richard Kohler, walked into his first karate school searching for some strength.  Not outer strength,  but inner strength.  For the next seven years he worked hard and sacrificed much to achieve the coveted Black Belt rank and then began teaching others.  It was at this time he realized the gratification of helping others, especially children, who many times showed him a lot of himself.  He knew the incredible value of their training.

At twenty-seven years old he became a father to his son.  After experiencing a near-tragic situation, Rich’s passion for keeping children safe began.  Using his natural tendency to be creative, he combined fantasy adventure with the most effective teaching methods (think Tony Robbins) and twelve years of teaching experience to develop the Award-Winning child safety movie, The Journey of the Steal-Proof Master.

Mr. Kohler is considered one of the leading experts on Child Predator Safety and Bully Prevention in the State of Connecticut.  His methods and unique teaching style are popular among the many public and private organizations he has presented to.  His presentations and seminars have received glowing recommendations from parents, teachers, police officers and child psychologists alike.

In addition to specializing in keeping children safe, Rich has dedicated much of his time teaching personal safety to women and high risk professionals.  Rich has teamed up with a local celebrity radio personality to create an annual self defense charity event (http://www.craigandcofightsback.com) to benefit domestic violence and women’s shelters throughout Connecticut.

Mr. Kohler is a leading self defense expert in the State of Connecticut with over 25 years of experience in several self defense systems including, Krav Maga (Israeli Military Self Defense), Wing Chun Kung Fu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and American Kenpo.  He regularly trains law enforcement, military and executive Protection agents.  He has researched extensively, the motivation and triggers of violence as well, creating the best self defense available, AVOIDANCE.

Rich is a certified Life Coach, Anger Management Coach and Self-Esteem Coach.

Rich has appeared on numerous television and radio shows and featured in many news publications for spreading his strategies and skills that empower and help keep people safe.

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